Modeling 101 with Markski Glom


On January 27, The Fashion Loft hosted a fun Modeling 101 class. Markski Glom was the featured speaker, and he provided an immersive experience for everyone who attended.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Markski Glom, you can call me Mark, all good. I have been a model in SL since 2009. So very old dude. I am not here to criticize anybody, this is just going to be a fun lesson for all of us. Refresher for some, and hope all of us get a lot of things from this that we can apply in our lives as models in SL.     


The first question Mark asked was, “How do you differentiate Fashion and Style?”


Anael Starr (anaelah): Fashion is collective, it’s the trends… and style is the individual, how he/she composes an outfit.


In background: Lydia (lydiafairmount)
Daniel Salvatore Salvetti (thefantasyangelsproduction): Well from my point of view and what I have learned through the experience, style is what you build with what you have. Fashion is for me trends that we can follow and from that point we can build an own style.


Mark next asked, “Since we have effectively defined the line between the two…what then is your role as a model? Is it to express your own style or represent fashion trends?”

 Lydia (lydiafairmount): Well it’s your job of a model to present a designer’s clothing but to style it as well in a way that is presentable to those around you. They look at you and say yes I want to buy that so I can look like that.


ℳøηї (monica.querrien): It’s the job of the model to know their personal style so that they can bring fashion trends to life through their styling.


After some more discussion, Mark led everyone out to the front of TFL Headquarters, where he rezzed out the “Catwalk of Death”. Or as Susy put it, “o terrore“.



He offered 500 Lindens to whomever could successful complete the walk. No one was able to complete the walk entirely, but Daniel managed to get the furthest (yas seen in the photo).

When everyone returned inside, they received a shirt where they had to properly pose in as they walked across the PLANK.


For the final exercise, Mark asked everyone to wear a black shirt, and then create two different styles with it.

Markski Glom: So this is what we do when it comes to styling competitions and classes…if you plan to join those type of events in SL…make sure your outfit screams the theme provided. Don’t ever be safe.


Markski Glom: So there are a lot more to explore in the modeling world. I am actually proud that you are all here. It is quite a commitment to model. And i would like to encourage you to be always at your best, even if it is tricky and difficult.


Thank you Mark for a fun session!

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